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Van Halen At The Best! General Rock CD
Van Halen Balance 1995 General Rock CD
Van Halen Best of Van Halen 1996 Rock
Van Halen For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 1991 Classic Rock
General Rock
Van Halen New Haven Coliseum U.S.A. 1986 General Rock CD
Van Halen Spring Break '95 General Rock CD
Van Halen Van Halen III General Rock
Van Morrison The Best of Van Morrison 1990 Classic Rock
Ambient Alternative
Various Pickin' On Aerosmith: A Bluegrass Tribute CD
Various Kashmir General Rock CD
Various Right In The Nuts: A Tribute To Aerosmith General Rock CD
Various Austin Powers II: Music from the Motion Picture Vol. 2 General Soundtrack CD
Various Hits Post Modern Syndrome # 024 - All I Want For Christmas General Rock CD
Various Armageddon: The Album 1998 Film Soundtrack
General Soundtrack
Various WGRD Bootleg '98 General Rock CD
Various Elmopalooza! General Unclassifiable CD
Various Les Misérables -- The Complete Symphonic Recording General Soundtrack CD
Various MTV Video Music Awards CD
Various Now and then General Soundtrack CD
Various Retro Covers Mix From Nathalie CD
Various Rising Metal General Rock CD
Various Encomium - A Tribute To Led Zeppelin 1995 General Rock CD
Various Hard Rock Essentials - 1970's General Rock CD
Various Schroeder's Greatest Hits General Classical CD
Various Skynyrd Frynds 1994 Southern Rock
General Country
Various Ubu Dance Party: A Tribute to Pere Ubu General Rock CD
Various Wayne's World 1992 General Soundtrack CD
Various Wayne's World 2 General Rock
General Soundtrack
Various Welcome To The Aerosmithsonian: A Tribute To Aerosmith CD
Various Janie's Got A Gun: A Tribute To Aerosmith CD
Various Sweet Emotion - Songs of Aerosmith General Blues CD
Various So I Got Me One Of Them Wiener Dogs 1995 General Rock CD
Various Moonlight Sonata - Piano General Classical CD
Various A Tribute To Bob's 100th Birthday 2005 CD
Various Country & Western Country CD
Various Lightning In A Bottle (Scorsese Blues - Live Show) Blues CD
Various Nashville Guitars 2000 Country CD
Various Stompin' Singers and Western Swingers Country CD
Various Twisted Willie 1996 Other CD
Various Three Hanks: Men With Broken Hearts 1996 Country CD
Various Original Soundtrack CD
Various Rock and Roll 80's 2006 80's CD
Various Griddle Greasin' Daddies and Dirty Cowboys 2007 CD
Various Songs Of The Year 2006 Country CD
Various Caught in The Webb 2002 Country CD
Various Timeless: Hank Williams Tribute 2001 Country
Various Sample Some OKra 1991 Misc CD
Various Luckenbach! Compadres!: Songs of Luckenbach Texas 2006 Live
Various 16 Greatest Truck Driver Hits 2005 Country CD
Various Cincinnati Music Vol. III 1997 CD
Various Cincinnati Clutch Hits 2006 CD
Various On The Road Again: 20 Great Truck Drivin' Hits 2005 CD
Various The Beavis And Butt-Head Experience 1993 General Rock CD
Various The Craft - Music from the Motion Picture General Soundtrack CD
Various A Tribute: Not The Same Old Song And Dance General Rock CD
Various The Who's Tommy General Rock CD
Velvet Revolver Contraband 2004 Hard House CD
The Vinyltones Memoirs of a Songbook CD
Rich Vos I'm Killing Here CD